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Travel Medical Insurance
Traveling outside one’s home country without Travel Medical Insurance is a risky proposition. What if you fall sick in a foreign country, without travel Medical insurance? You might be liable for a significant financial charge.. Medical costs are exorbitant, especially in the US, Canada and Europe. It is always a good idea to get a good visitor or travel medical insurance plans, when traveling outside your home country. Not only do Travel medical insurances provide you with peace of mind, they also save you significant financial hassle, if you all sick or get injured in a foreign land.

Travel Medical Plan
There are several insurance companies that sell Travel Medical plans. The underwriters of the insurance companies, that sell these Travel Medical Insurance are usually rated by independent rating companies, that determine financial strength of these Underwriters. Different Travel Medical plans emphasize on different features. Different Travel Medical plans have varied structure of payment. For some medical insurance plans, the insurance company pays a fixed dollar amount, based on a scheduled benefit amount. For others plans, the insurance company pays a percentage amount of the medial bills, up to a fixed policy maximum.

Travel Health Insurance
Most travel health insurances let the buyers choose between different policy maximums and deductible amounts. You should choose your policy maximum depending on the length of your stay, general health and your budget. Most travel health insurances allow buyers to choose a deductible amount too. The deductible in travel health insurance is the 1st amount of the medical bill that would be the buyer’s responsibility. Most of travel insurance plans allows the buyer to visit any doctor or hospital, during their trip abroad. Some might be part of the PPO network, while others are may not.


BUT- what would happen if a traveler or their family member becomes ill or is injured while away from their home?

International travel can quickly turn frightening and very costly if one is not prepared for a medical emergency.

ADVANTAGES after buying Travel Insurance From All Visitor Insurance:
- What if they are injured or become ill during their trip?
- What if the treatment they need isn’t available nearby?
- Who do they call at 3.00 a.m. from a foreign country during a

- Will they be there when they need them the most?

VISITOR MEDICAL INSURANCE is one such vital Protection.

- Vacationers/visitors and foreign citizens living or working outside their country of citizenship
- Foreign citizens seeking private medical insurance.
- Foreign exchange students and Universities.
- Multi-national companies.
- Employment contractors overseas.
- Executives and international sales.
- Trade associations.
- Missionaries.
- Any visa holders (H-1, H-4, J-1, F-1, B-1, B-2, ... ...etc.)

Looking for Travel Insurance Worldwide Business
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Top 10 reasons- to Buy from USA Insurance Companies

1. Widely accepted throughout the USA.
2. Mostly provide instant coverage, no need to pay from your pocket if covered by the plan.
3. Better customer support service in case you need to contact the insurance company.
4. No lengthy and frustrating follow-ups, unlike any others who do not operate from USA.
5. Many choices and different plans available depending on your need.
6. Claim could be processed faster since the American insurance company can deal better with American health services/Doctors.
7. Reliable companies with proven service record.
8. Online buying and renewal option.
9. Most of the companies are supported by BBB (Better Business Bureau), who can help you with any dispute.
10. Peace of mind. (higher customer satisfaction rate as compare to non American visitor Insurance plans).

Why should I purchase insurance through International Services?
A valid question indeed! Here is why we think you should, your personal experience will validate it.

International Services represents the customer
We work with a variety of reputed insurance providers (Only those with A and A++ ratings) to give you the widest choice of available policies. Your choice is not limited since we are not tied to any one provider or policy. Our product specialists will help you find the visitor insurance policy that meets your requirements best.

International Services empowers the customer
Our services aim to empower 'you' the customer to make an informed choice, with all the relevant information in your hands. There are lots of details pertaining to each policy and this can be confusing to many customers. Our friendly compare engine makes it easy for you to compare the insurance policy details and make your choice.

International Services provides superior customer service
We take immense pride in our client service, our licenced policy specialists always go the extra mile to make sure that all customers are provided with accurate, relevant information. Over the years, we put a lot of our time and energy to build a reputation of customer service par excellence.

Best prices assured at International Services

Visitor Insurance and Pre-Existing Conditions
You may have read enough about pre-existing conditions for visitors , and yet may not have found a visitor insurance plan, which actually covers pre-existing conditions. It is true that majority of the aged people traveling to USA or abroad do have some form of pre-existing conditions, but unfortunately there is almost no visitor medical insurance plan which fully covers pre-existing conditions for visitors.
Our users/customer often ask - “Is it worth buying a visitor health insurance, if pre-existing conditions are not covered?" This question is quite obvious from a buyers perspective, but think broadly and be practical. Not all health issues are due to pre-existing conditions. The probability of any health hazard due to pre-existing condition in most cases is 5 to 10%, but what about the rest 90%. You surely need a health insurance to protect yourself from escalating health expenses.
Lets us share our experience what we have been hearing from customers, there are two major health risk for visitors coming to USA
The most common health concern is general sickness/illness due to change of weather; food habits etc.
Accidents, since the traveler will be making road trips within USA is another major unforeseen health problems.
Having health insurance can surely give you the peace of mind to relax and enjoy your vacation or business trip.
Is there any solution for Visitors with Pre-existing conditions?

The most common pre-existing conditions we hear are blood pressure and diabetes. Though people with these conditions can be in good and stable condition, they may dependent on medicines, insulin or regular checkup.
While it is true that, pre-existing conditions might not be covered, however, there are certain ways you can prevent/control and take precautions to avoid and prepare yourself for such a situation where a pre-existing condition might not take toll on you.

Here are few common and proven tips:
First, buy a good Visitor Medical Insurance Plan. Prefer a comprehensive PPO kind of coverage like Liaison International.
Get a thorough and complete medical checkup done before you travel to USA. This will be useful while bring up hidden medical issue if any. This also gives you a peace of mind to travel worry free and prepared.
Carry sufficient amounts of medicines from your home country.
People with High-blood pressure and/or Diabetes consider buying self measuring equipments .These do not cost a lot but, they will be very useful for home use. The price range for these vary between $15 to $100. Children inviting their parents to USA can buy these from any local electronics shops or the Internet. Did know that you can even get your medicines from your home country via regular mail? (Except any controlled drugs) .
Pay attention to your eating habits, walk/exercise, make friends, keep measuring your blood pressure and sugar on regular basis.
For children who are hosts: Do not make hectic travel plans, make sure you ask your parents from time to time if they are alright or have any problems. Parents should not be offended to take instructions from your children or the younger generation; since it is for your own well-being and safety.

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